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Hello!  Thanks for stopping by my  blog site.  I hope you enjoy hearing from me in a more non-professional sort of way.  I’m going to make this site and blog my voice – my way to share with you what I think about the real estate market, things that are happening in Covington and the surrounding area that might be of interest, community events and things to do, photos, and just a bit of fun.

I’m a full-time, professional Realtor® with Coldwell Banker Realty in Covington.  In fact, this year, 2010, is my tenth anniversary in the business.  I’m a member of the East Metro Board of Realtors® covering Newton and Rockdale counties.  Last year, I was EMBOR’s VP of Government Affairs.  This year I am President-Elect.  and in 2013, I will be President of the East Metro chapter.  I love technology, and use it in my business as much as I can.  I especially enjoy using the Internet in every way I can to keep in touch with friends and clients, meet new people, market and sell homes, and bring information to my clients and others in the community.

But this site is going to be much more about the community that about real estate.  That can get a bit boring at times.  So I hope you’ll come back here to find out about the community and what’s going on in it.  I said I hope you enjoy hearing from me.  But, more importantly, I hope to hear from you.  If you have questions or comments about the community or about real estate, leave me a comment.  You can also find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Finally, if I can help you with your real estate needs, or just information about Newton and Rockdale counties, please reach out to me.  After all… that’s what I’m here for.





770.337.5262     blair@BlairOnTheSquare.com


** The views expressed in this blog are mine alone, and not those of Coldwell Banker or Coldwell Banker Gerri Murphy Realty.  **


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