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The First Covington Bank

Moments In Time

December 29, 1890: First Bank in Covington



If you’re a Covington native, or grew up here as I did, you probably remember “The Bank of Covington” in the Turner Building on the Square, and names associated with the bank, like Fowler,Bank Weaver, Turner and Hay.

The Bank of Covington was the most enduring and memorable financial institution in the city, but it was actually the County’s second bank.

By 1830, Covington was expanding rapidly.  The coming of the railroad in 1844-45 brought even more new people and opportunities to the area.  Undoubtedly, all sorts of money dealing was going on in the County.  But banks in Augusta and Atlanta handled most banking needs until after the War Between the States, with local merchants acting as credit agencies.

An attempt to establish an Oxford bank in the 1840’s failed.  And so the first bank chartered in Newton County was the Clark Banking Company.  The owner and president was W.C. Clark, who, prior to establishing the bank, did business under the name of W.C. Clark and Company.

Mr. W.C. Clark was know in Covington for being involved in a number of enterprises critical to the city’s growth such as being one of the incorporators of the Covington and Oxford Street Railway – or C&O Trolley – in 1887, and one of the founders of Covington Cotton Mill in 1900 and Covington Telephone Company in 1901.

But it was also W.C. Clark who chartered the Clark Banking Company, Covington’s first bank, on December 29, 1890…  Today, a Newton County Moment In Time.


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