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Moments In Time: May 27, 1907 – Council Approves Water System

Newton County Moments In Time

May 27, 1902:  City Council Approves Construction of Water System

After years of Covingtonresidents and business leaders wishing for a water distribution system – primarily to fight fires – the Covington City Council approved the construction of a municipal pumping and water distribution system in May, 1907.

The city held an election on October 9th of that year on a bond issue to fund the construction.  The $60,000 issue passed by a vote of 181 to 7.

Construction began on the system in 1908, and was completed in July 1909.  The new water system consisted of six miles of 6, 8, and 10-inch cast iron water mains covering the downtown area.  The system also ran east along Floyd toMill Street, southon both Church and Monticello Streets to their intersection, and north alongEmory Street– then called “Railroad Avenue” – to just north of the depot.

There was no filtration of the water, which was used for both drinking and fire protection services.  It was just pumped throughout the system directly from Dried Indian Creek.

In conjunction with the water system construction, the city also built a sewage collection system.  This system covered the central city area, and dumped directly back into Dried Indian Creek some distance below the Washington Street Bridge.

The streets around the square were yet to be paved.  ButCovingtontook another big step into the modern world when the City Council approved construction of the municipal water system on May 27, 1907 – 105 years ago today.  A Newton County Moment In Time.

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