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Moments In Time – May 1, 1971: Brick Store Deed

Moments In Time

May 1, 1971: Brick Store Deeded to Newton County Historical Society

One of the oldest settlements in our area lies in the far eastern part of Newton County.  And, because of a single building here, it is known as the “Brick Store” community.

Most of Newton County’s early settlers arrived from the Carolinas and Virginia in the early 1800s.  A small town sprang up there in 1818 at the intersection of two stagecoach routes.  It was here that the first brick building in Newton County was built.

The owner of the “Brick Store” was Martin Kolb.  Kolb operated the stagecoach stop and ran a small store on the main level of the building, and lived on the floor above.  He was appointed on of three commissioners by the Georgia General Assembly, who were to lay out a new county from protions of the existing counties of Jasper, Walton and Henry.

The first session of the Superior Court of Newton County was held in the Brick Store on April 15, 1822.  The building continued to operate as a store and post office, and Justice of the Peace court hearings were held in the building until 1937.

After 1937, the Brick Store layed vacant until 1954, falling into serious disrepair.  In 1954, the building was purchased by Charles M. Jordan.  As the years past, Jordan became concerned for the Brick Store’s condition, and thus deeded the little brick stagecoach stop to the Newton County Historical Society for preservation on May 1, 1971.  Today – a Newton County Moment In Time.

For more information on Newton County’s historic “Brick Store,” the County’s oldest brick structure, click here:


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