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Moments in Time: June 5, 1941 – Dedication of Porterdale Maternity Hospital

Moments in Time 

June 5, 1941: Porterdale Maternity Hospital Dedicated


By 1941, the Porterdale Mill Village had grown to the extent that the Porterdale Woman’s Club recognized the need for a community maternity hospital.  A committee of women from the Club took their idea to the mill owner, Bibb Manufacturing Co.  Bibb thought the idea a good one, and gave permission to use a four-room house on a hill overlooking the town as the hospital.

The hospital was furnished by the Woman’s Club and several other local civic organizations.  Bibb hired Dr. R. M. Paty, Jr., a retired missionary, to be in charge of the clinic.  But after a short period, being a surgeon, Dr. Paty wanted to enlarge the hospital to care for patients needing surgery as well as maternity patients.

Again, Bibb cooperated, and connected a six-room house next door to the original hospital via a constructed hallway.  Dr. Paty hired Dr. J. B. Mitchell of Talburtton, GA as his assistant.  Bibb equipped the hospital with modern operating room equipment, and by early 1943, the Porterdale maternity Hospital was opened to anyone needing maternity or surgery.

Porterdale Maternity Hospital operated from 1941 until the early 1950s when Newton General Hospital opened in Covington.  Many Newton County natives and current residents of the area were born at the hospital in Porterdale.  The first was Pamela Laster, daughter of James E. and Lois Laster, born just three days after the hospital was dedicated on June 5, 1941.  Today – a Newton County Moment In Time.

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