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Moments In Time – First Presbyterian Church Destroyed by Fire

Newton County Moments In Time

March 2, 1926: First Presbyterian Church of Covington Destroyed by Fire

In 1918, the First Presbyterian Church of Covington, which had been founded in 1877,  sat in the middle of the block,  facing Clark Street,  approximately where the current church building is situated.  Behind the church,  facing Washington Street, was the Presbyterian manse.

But eight years later, the block between Hendrick and Brown Streets was vacant, except for the First Presmanse.  In the middle of a dark, cold night in March, the church building was destroyed by fire.

Within a week, plans were made to rebuild the church building, and financial assistance came pouring in – not only from the church’s own membership – but from the community itself.

The First Baptist Church contributed $1000 toward reconstruction, and a Mr. Frank Ballard held a huge barbecue  at Clark’s Grove to raise funds to rebuild the church.  Among those attending the barbecue was Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court, Richard B. Russell.

On a Sunday in October, 1926, the rebuilt First Presbyterian Church of Covington was dedicated, barely seven months after it was destroyed by fire on March 2, 1926…. Today in history, a Newton County Moment In Time.


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