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First Meeting of Newton COunty Superior Court – Moments In Time: April 15, 1822



At the time Newton County was formed in 1821, the center of activity in the area was at the Brick Store. The oldest brick structure in the County played an important role in Newton’s early history. The building was a general store, a stagecoach stop, the residence of the owner, and the site of the first session of Newton County Superior Court.

That was an auspicious meeting, for it set in motion the future development of the County.

The Georgia General Assembly ordered that first session to be held at Brick Store. But they also insisted that the county seat of all Georgia counties should be near the center of the county. Thus it was that at that first session, the Superior Court ordered that the site of the Newton County Courthouse be permanently fixed on Land Lot 254 in the 9th District, formerly Henry County, now Newton County, “and shall be called Newtonsborough” (later to become Covington).

In subsequent sessions held at the Brick Store, the court set about running the business of the County… appointing commissioners, offering land for sale to settlers, ordering and overseeing the layout of roads and bridges, and the construction of public buildings.

The County would ultimately grow outward from the public square of the Town of Covington. But Newton County really got its start when the first session of the Superior Court of Newton County was held in the little brick stagecoach stop on April 15, 1822. Today – A Newton County Moment In Time.


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