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Covington – Newton County Chamber of Commerce Chartered

August 28, 1962: Chamber of Commerce Chartered


If you have been around Covington and Newton County for a number of years, you’ll probably recognize the names of four influential business men of our community in the mid-1900s:  John Jernigan,  P.M. McNiven,  Aubrey Sherwood and Herbert Katz.  In 1953, these men founded the Covington Businessman’s Association to promote local business and bring new industry to Covington.

Almost 10 years later, that modest start gave birth to the Covington – Newton County Chamber of Commerce,  chartered by still more recognizable names, including W.B. Thompson,  Walker Harris,  Howard Milligan,  T.M. Bates,  D.M. Clower, S.J. Morcock,  E.G. Lassiter,  Alvin Rape,  Phillip Cohen,  N.S.Turner and John Hall.

Today, that organization, originally chartered to “develop, encourage, promote and protect” business interests in the City of Covington and Newton County, has grown to be the voice of business in the area – a business advocacy organization with membership over 600 strong.

Under the capable leadership of Hunter Hall, today’s Chamber is the primary economic developer for Newton County, recruiting new business and industry.  It is an advocate for the support of educational, governmental and community advancement.  It provides referrals, exposure and networking opportunities for its members.  The Chamber is the City and County’s primary source of visitor and newcomer information, providing over 20,000 visitors with information resources each year.

A unifying body for local businesses large and small, for local and state government, and the driving force bringing about positive community growth, the Covington – Newton County Chamber of Commerce was chartered on August 28, 1962, 50 years ago today – a Newton County Moment In Time.




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