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Porterdale is one of many small towns throughout the South based around textile mills.  The mills were the centerpiece of the town and the lives of the people working for the mills and living in the mill villages.

The closeness of the small houses, originally built and owned by the mill, extended to the closeness of the community.  Porterdale still has many loyal followers who loved being part of a small southern mill town.

In the 1970s, global competition forced the mill, opened in 1899, to close, causing the small town to go into decline.  The old mill building itself,  sitting beside the Yellow River, sat vacant and in serious disrepair until some far-sighted developers bought the historic property and turned it into 154 loft-style apartment units, spaces for restaurants, shops and special function spaces.  The meticulously restored buildings are now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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