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Newborn is a smal,l rural farming town in the southeastern section of Newton County.  Originally known as “Sandtown,” it is not known how the name “Newborn” originated.  But documents as early as 1839 refer to the town as Newborn.

During the Civil War, Newborn was the staging area for wagontrains of supplies being carried to the railroad in Covington for the Confederate Army.  Consequently, much of the town is listed on the National Registery of Historic Places even today.

About midway between Newborn and Mansfield lies Burge Plantation, an historic 1000-acre farm.  The Plantation is a private hunting, shooting and family club, and also operates a large organic farm.  The event facility also hosts weddings, banquets, business meetings and receptions.

Burge became famous for the diary of Dolly Burge, mistress of the Plantation during the Civil War, with her accounts of Sherman’s Army movingt through the area on his march to destroy Atlanta and reach the sea.

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