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Chero Cola Bottling Works Opens in Covington

Newton County Moments In Time 


March 19, 1914: Chero-Cola Bottling Works Opens In Covington 

The laboratory genius of John Pemberton in formulating the world’s favorite soft drink, Coca-Cola,  has been widely recognized.  But Doc Pemberton’s success as an inventor was not matched as a salesman.  He died a pauper and it remained for others to make a commercial success of his creation.

But the inventor of Georgia’s other cola, Claude Adkins Hatcher, had the business sense to succeed where Pemberton failed.  In 1905 he formulated Chero-Cola, and in 1914 four Covington men Chero Bottle Caporganized and opened the Covington Chero-Cola Bottling Works.  The Covington Chero-Cola plant began producing the soft drink on the south side of the Covington square in the building which was later occupied by Consolidated Five & Ten and still later by Harper’s.

By 1920, Chero-Cola was in a head-to-head race for top-selling soft drink in America.  Were it not for a 1921 court decision causing Hatcher to stop using the word Cola, today’s Cola Wars would likely be a three-way battle.

The ruling to drop the word Cola significantly hurt Chero sales, and the Covington Bottling Works continued operation only into the mid 20’s.

Although Chero remained on the market for most of the next three decades, Hatcher had lost a major battle.  He recovered with his Nehi line of fruit drinks, and re-entered the Cola Wars with his successful Royal Crown Cola, but his companies never again came within reach of the top of the cola field.

The Covington Chero-Cola Bottling Works was opened on March 19, 1914.  Today in history….  A Newton County  Moment In Time.




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