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Moments In Time: July 24, 1864 – Ole Man Jones Defends Covington

Ole Man Jones

Moments In Time July 24, 1864: Ole Man Presley Jones defends Covington On July 20, 1864, Gen. William T. Sherman, on his march to seize Atlanta and continue to the sea, ordered Gen. Kenner Garrard to destroy railroads, bridges, and strategic supplies in and around Covington. Garrard’s cavalry rode into Covington two days later, and began carrying out Sherman’s orders.  They met very little resistance since most of Covington’s able-bodied men were, themselves, away fighting.  The town was now filled primarily with … [Read more...]

Moments In Time: July 22, 1864 – Garrard’s Cavalry Arrives In Covington

Union Cavalry

Moments In Time July 22, 1864:  Garrard's Cavalry Arrives in Covington On July 20, 1864,  Maj. Gen William T. Sherman,  located somewhere just north of Atlanta, ordered his Headquarters Cavalry Division under Brig. Gen. Kenner Garrard, to march to Covington to destroy road and railroad bridges, burn Confederate supplies, and appropriate food and livestock from local residents. Covington and Oxford had become a large center for convalescing Confederate soldiers.  Prominent buildings, such as the Methodist and … [Read more...]

Moments In Time: July 20, 1864, General Sherman Orders Raid on Covington

Brig. Gen Kenner Garrard

Moments In Time June 20, 1864: General Sherman Orders Cavalry Raid on Covington   The year 1864 in Newton County was destined to be a terrible one.  Both nature and the Union Army brought hunger, fear, and destruction to the county. A very cold, rainy winter extended into March and April.   Dolly Burge, of Burge Plantation, wrote in her diary that April of 1864, “I have no plants in the garden.  My potatoes have not sprouted, and everything looks like January instead of April.  We have no corn up though it … [Read more...]

“Covington Kids” – Creative Kids Camp

"Creative Kids Camp" T-Shirt

"Creative Kids Camp" is an annual event that's  fun for hundreds of "Covington Kids"and kids from the surrounding areas.  The Camp is sponsored by the Newton County Arts Association. Today, Abbey Grace talks with Abigail Coggin, the Young Artists Program Director for the Arts Association, to find out all about "Creative Kids Camp." If you didn't get the chance to register this year, make sure you get it on your calendar for next year.  And you might also consider Musical Theater Camp, sponsored by the Arts … [Read more...]

Moments In Time – June 3, 1869: Joe Harper’s New Bar Room

Moments In Time June 3, 1869: Joe Harper’s New Bar Room   Covington could certainly never be considered the “Wild West.”  But by the mid 1800’s, we did have – spread around the square – eleven saloons and one general store where you could “belly up to the bar.” It’s impossible to know how busy the saloons were, but the fact that there were so many suggests that they had plenty of customers – and competition.  So it’s no surprise that Covington businessman Joe Harper wanted to grab all the customers he could when … [Read more...]

Moments In Time: May 15, 1931: Peter Marshall Ordained In Covington

Moments In Time May 15, 1931: Peter Marshall Ordained  Pastor In Covington  Just over 100 years after the founding of Covington First Presbyterian Church, a young Scotsman stepped into the pulpit to be its pastor.  He was destined to become famous, but started his pastoral career here in Covington.  His name was Peter Marshall. Dr. Marshall began serving what some of his biographers call the “small, rural church” in Covington while still a student at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur.  Upon graduation, … [Read more...]

Moments In Time – May 1, 1971: Brick Store Deed

Moments In Time May 1, 1971: Brick Store Deeded to Newton County Historical Society One of the oldest settlements in our area lies in the far eastern part of Newton County.  And, because of a single building here, it is known as the “Brick Store” community. Most of Newton County’s early settlers arrived from the Carolinas and Virginia in the early 1800s.  A small town sprang up there in 1818 at the intersection of two stagecoach routes.  It was here that the first brick building in Newton County was built. The … [Read more...]

Bank of Covington Chartered – Moments In Time: April 16, 1901

    The first bank chartered in Newton County was the Clark Banking Company, chartered in 1890. But the bank which flourished and endured in the county was the second chartered, The Bank of Covington. Within 11 days of its organization in March, 1901 with a capital of $25,000, the bank’s first Cashier, C.S. Thompson, had the bank open for business on the square in Covington. In May, 1901. the bank moved to its second location on the west side of the square in a building it rented from Tavern owners. … [Read more...]

Commercial Site For Sale in Covington, Gerogia

Commercial Site For Sale

  Commercial Site for Sale in Covington, Georgia Near Bypass  GAMLS# 3179453   $385,000 For more information, call or text my mobile phone 770.337.5262, or visit my website www.BlairOnTheSquare.com Zoned "highway commercial," this Commercial Site for Sale in Covington is ideally situated .9 miles from the historic Square on Highway 36 (Jackson Highway) Very near the Covington Bypass.  The Commercial Site for Sale sits on 1.38 acres, and includes an old residential house, sold "as is," which could be … [Read more...]

New Tax on Home Sales

Covington Homes For Sale

With all the renewed interest in Obamacare generated by the recent Supreme Court ruling, the old story about everyone having to pay a 3.8% tax to support Medicare when you sell your home is making the Internet rounds again.  I get questions on almost a daily basis, so I thought I would re-post this blog I wrote in January 2010 to address the rumor.  It's not true, folks!  Read on....   For several months, since ObamaCare was approved, there has been a lot of information spinning around online about the … [Read more...]