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Newton County School Integration


Newton County Moments In Time Newton County Schools Integrated- September 3, 1970 All the kids in Newton County have been back in school for about a month now.  But one of the most momentous things to happen with the Newton County School System began in 1954 when the integration of our "separate but equal" system started with the United States Supreme Court case Brown vs. the Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. The Court was unanimous in their decision that racial segregation in public schools was a … [Read more...]

Moments In Time: March 20, 1958 – Covington Pilot Club Chartered

Pilot Logo

 Newton County Moments In Time    March 20, 1958: Covington Pilot Club Chartered    In late November, 1957, eight business women from Covington met with members of the Monroe Pilot Club to discuss organizing a Pilot Club in Covington.  A few months later, in early 1958, more than 50 business women of Covington were invited to an organizational meeting, and of that number there were 31 charter members of the Covington Club. The Pilot Club is an international volunteer service organization working to … [Read more...]

Chero Cola Bottling Works Opens in Covington

Chero Bottle Cap

Newton County Moments In Time    March 19, 1914: Chero-Cola Bottling Works Opens In Covington  The laboratory genius of John Pemberton in formulating the world’s favorite soft drink, Coca-Cola,  has been widely recognized.  But Doc Pemberton’s success as an inventor was not matched as a salesman.  He died a pauper and it remained for others to make a commercial success of his creation. But the inventor of Georgia’s other cola, Claude Adkins Hatcher, had the business sense to succeed where Pemberton failed.  … [Read more...]

Moments In Time – First Presbyterian Church Destroyed by Fire

First Pres

Newton County Moments In Time March 2, 1926: First Presbyterian Church of Covington Destroyed by Fire In 1918, the First Presbyterian Church of Covington, which had been founded in 1877,  sat in the middle of the block,  facing Clark Street,  approximately where the current church building is situated.  Behind the church,  facing Washington Street, was the Presbyterian manse. But eight years later, the block between Hendrick and Brown Streets was vacant, except for the manse.  In the middle of a dark, cold … [Read more...]

Moments In Time: February 15, 1927: Covington Kiwanis Club Chartered


Eighty-six years ago, fifty-eight Covington men concerned with friendship, charity and building a better community, met in the old Newton County Courthouse and became charter members of the first Covington Kiwanis Club. The Covington Kiwanis Club was chartered on February 15, 1927.  That was today in historty,  a Newton County Moment In Time.   … [Read more...]

Quality, Value & Move-In Ready

120 Wintergreen Court

Home For Sale in Covington, Georgia - Buckingham Home  for Sale in Covington, Georgia - Buckingham:  (GAMLS# 7137980)  $155,000 For more information, call my mobile phone (770) 337-5262, or email me at Blair@BlairOnTheSquare.com Home for Sale in Covington, Georgia - Buckingham Subdivision - 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, Ranch This lovely ranch-style Home For Sale in Covington, Georgia's Buckingham Subdivision offers your family quality, comfort and convenience in a lovely setting.  Nestled on a wooded 1.18-acre … [Read more...]

First Presbyterian Church of Covington Organized


Moments In Time January 21, 1827 - First Presbyterian Church Organized in Covington   Today, the First Presbyterian Church of Covington occupies the entire block at 1169 Clark Street, just off the Square, here in Covington.  It has been an important part of the Covington community for over 130 years, providing not only spiritual guidance to County residents, but also supporting the Community Food Pantry, Faithworks, Habitat For Humanity, Newton County Literacy, girl scouts and boy scouts, senior citizen … [Read more...]

The First Covington Bank


Moments In Time December 29, 1890: First Bank in Covington     If you’re a Covington native, or grew up here as I did, you probably remember “The Bank of Covington” in the Turner Building on the Square, and names associated with the bank, like Fowler, Weaver, Turner and Hay. The Bank of Covington was the most enduring and memorable financial institution in the city, but it was actually the County’s second bank. By 1830, Covington was expanding rapidly.  The coming of the railroad in 1844-45 … [Read more...]

The Founding of Newton County

Newton County Historical Marker

Not only did Santa Claus come on Christmas Eve in 1821, but the Georgia General Assembly gave the settlers living in the area a huge present that year also... their very own County! In 1821, the Georgia State Constitution provided that, when the population of a county reached a certain level – or for reason of law enforcement or educational needs – the General Assembly was to alter the county’s boundaries and lay out a new county. And so it was that the General Assembly laid out a new county from portions of … [Read more...]

Covington Real Estate Top 5 – October, 2012

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Top 5 Trends In Real Estate For October, 2012   Here are the Top 5 Topics and Trends shaping the Covington Real Estate market during October. Mortgage Rates Lower Than Ever:  Mortgage rates have dipped lower than they've ever been.  Rates on 30-year fixed mortgages averaged 3.40 percent with an average 0.6 points at the end of last week.  15-year rates, popular for refinancing, averaged 2.73 with 0.6 average points. Demand For Loans Is Up:  Demand for mortgage loans is up 5% over a year ago due to … [Read more...]