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April 26, 1906: Confederate Monument Dedicated

Newton County Moments In Time

April 26, 1906: Dedication of Covington’s Confederate Memorial

The lives and contributions of those who fought for the South during the War Between The States are only vaguely remembered, and largely uncelebrated today.  But not so in The Covington of 1906.

Hardly a family – North or South – was untouched by the conflict.  Many Confederate veterans were still living only 41 years after that great war.  InCovingtonand throughout the South, Confederate Memorial Day was observed during April each year.

InCovington, living Confederate veterans would gather for the Memorial Day ceremonies.  The United Daughters of the Confederacy sponsored luncheons for the veterans at the Covington Woman’s Club, ceremonies and speeches at theMethodistChurch, and placing of wreaths and flowers by school children on the graves of confederate soldiers in the Confederate Cemetery.

To further honor the Confederate soldier and ensure their memory for posterity, theJefferson– Lamar Camp No. 305 of the United Confederate Veterans raised funds among their membership and the general public.  Those funds were contributed to the City ofCovingtonto provide a monument in the city to the Confederate Soldier.

Covington’s Confederate Monumentwas placed in the center of the park in theTown Square.  With proper pomp and ceremony, it was unveiled and dedicated on Confederate Memorial Day, April 26, 1906.  Today – a Newton County Moment In Time.

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