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About Bill

Hi.  Thanks for stopping by my new website.  I hope you enjoy hearing from me in a personal way.  With this site and my blog, I want to share with you what I think about real estate, what’s happening in our local area that you might want to know about, and little things about my life that, hopefully, won’t bore you to tears.  So don’t expect everything here to be “strictly business!”

Formerly a Sports Marketing Consultant, I am now a full-time Realtor with Coldwell Banker Realty in Covington, Georgia.  I work with both buyers and sellers, and find that almost all my business and my personal life is tied closely to the Internet.  That’s where both buyers and sellers find me.  That’s where I advertise and syndicate the most.  That’s where I meet people, stay in touch with friends and family, and bring information to my clients.  You can find me online at Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Localism.com, among others.

So far as credentials and experience go, I have a degree in Public Relations and Journalism from Georgia State University. I had a long career in the corporate world working and consulting for AT&T. I started a Sports Marketing company and consulted with worldwide corporate sponsors during eight Winter and Summer Olympic Games. I now am a full-time Realtor with Coldwell Banker Realty in Covington, and hold the designations of Graduate of the Realtor Institute (real estate’s “Masters Degree”), and ePro Certification (Internet technology and marketing specialist). I am also  President-Elect of  the East Metro Board of Realtors (EMBOR) for 2013, a member of the Board of Directors, and member of the EMBOR Leadership Focus 2011.

On a more personal level, I grew up in Covington and Oxford, married my high school sweetheart from Mansfield, and we have two beautiful daughters and four great grandchildren… Zach is 18, Olivia is 14, Noah is 12, and Abbey Grace is 10.  My wife, Jean, and I love reading and audio books, traveling the US and internationally, and being a part of the Covington community.  I also enjoy throwing pottery and Jean loves cooking great food.

I am combining Blair On The Square with my old website, www.CovingtonLivingHomes.com, and my other blog site, www.CovingtonLivingToday.com.  That should make it easy to find all the information about my available homes, the way I do business, and what’s going on in Covington in a single source.

If I can help you with your real estate needs, or with information on Newton County and the surrounding area, please reach out to me.



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